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Why Everyone Hates Buying Groceries at Walmart

Walmart is basically a fact of life in the United States. Whether you need household essentials, hardware, clothing, or candy, Walmart is probably your go-to. But just because you can’t avoid the giant store doesn’t mean you need to buy everything there. In fact, you probably know of a few things you should probably never buy at Walmart, and food from the grocery section is definitely one of them.

Want to sympathize with your fellow Walmart-hating shoppers? Or want to find out exactly why everybody thinks it’s so bad? Read on to check out the worst complaints about grocery shopping at Walmart.

1. Walmart has weird priorities for its produce section

produce aisle

produce aisle Shoppers are often surprised by Walmart’s priorities when it comes to produce. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Anybody with strong opinions about the specific fruits and vegetables that end up in their shopping cart has probably wondered why their grocery store of choice stocks one fruit, but not another. The Walmart grocery section is no different, and the company has some pretty baffling priorities when it comes to produce. Walmart recently created a designer — but not GMO — cantaloupe it can sell even in the winter. The news came much to the chagrin of shoppers, who think nobody really likes cantaloupe anyway.