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“Why fight ? Just Jart!”

To begin with there were glitter bombs to send to your adversaries. At that point came the sack of dicks to mail to the haters. Presently you can be blessing all the butt holes throughout your life with a decent old flatulent in a container.


‘Send a Jart’ is a stinky administration that’ll send anybody a fixed fart in a jug alongside a pleasant little note—at the pitiful cost of $10. Pick your stench: 8hr Trucker Fart, Hungover Frat Boy, or Competitive Eater—all the sharp aromas from your most noticeably bad olfactory bad dreams.

Simply envision the beneficiary’s face once they open the jug and stifle on the smell of getting up on Sunday morning in the wake of attaching with a college kid. We trust you will have some insurance policy in case the present winds up bringing on some terrible pink eye.

The site offers some stellar testimonials, in case you’re careful about such organizations. Here’s one from Jennifer S.:

“A couple of months prior, I put my lunch in the refrigerator at work. It had my name on it in enormous striking letters. I found somebody eating it and inquired as to whether their name was “Jennifer.” Turns out it was. Two can play that game, young lady. I sent her a Jart after a week. She won the fight, yet I won the war.”

We are really honored to live in a period where we can ship off some poopy breeze to individuals we simply don’t care for or even our besties, just to give them a little trollish love.

Also, hey, in the event that you wind up opening a jart, let it ventilate and you can utilize the artisan shake as a pleasant little vase or beverage glass.