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Why Is Finding a Job So Hard and Frustrating These Days?

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No one ever said searching for a new job would be fun, but does it have to be this annoying? Seven out of 10 people said they found at least some aspect of the job search frustrating, a Gallup poll found. Job seekers reported getting exasperated — and sometimes demoralized — by a lack of communication from employers, difficulty getting in touch with people actually making hiring decisions, complicated applications, and other features of the modern-day job search.

Workers don’t have a ton of leverage when it comes to dealing with the exhausting process of finding a new job. Usually it’s either play along or be unemployed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t vent a little. Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced one of these 10 incredibly frustrating things about looking for a job.

1. Crazy-long applications

People hate the online job-search process. Three-quarters of people surveyed in 2016 by recruiting company randrr said they found online job-search technology frustrating. Especially annoying are ridiculously long job applications. Data show more than half of applicants get so fed up with retyping all the information from their resume and filling in the details of their high school education and salary history that they give up entirely.

“I seriously believe they do that to weed out the people who have issues with doing pointless, redundant tasks (aka what you will be doing at most jobs),” one person vented in this Reddit thread on job search pet peeves.

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