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Why Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle May Be The Mario Game To Beat This Year

Each character has the ability to move and attack and while it can be as simple as that, the real fun comes when characters combine different abilities to chain attacks together. If you move one of your characters through an opposing Rabbids space you’ll hit them as you run by, but you’ll still be able to do a standard attack at the end of your movement. More than once I was able to run through an enemy, then run through the space of an ally, the ally gives you a boost which means you can jump to any number of locations within your movement area. Upon landing, you can still take your standard attack. What I really wanted to do was land on the Rabbid, this is a Mario game after all, and while I was not able to do that at the stage of the game I was playing, I was assured that ability is one that will be unlocked at some point further on.

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