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Why The StarCraft Remaster Isn't Available For Consoles

That’s some pretty sound logic. There are two types of remakes; those that boost the visuals, sound and maybe make a few tweaks in order to keep the game as true to form as possible, and those that are more worried about keeping the “spirit” of the game intact while modernizing as much as possible. The upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake is a good example of the latter, as Square Enix is building that particular game from scratch while upgrading the various systems and, according to the most recent reports, completely changing the combat system. We’re not saying that’s the wrong way to go about these things, but they’re running the risk of alienating a group of their fans. Some folks are happy with the direction of the new FFVII because the game is super antiquated at this point. Others, though, would prefer to play the exact game they remember from nearly two decades ago, but with graphics that don’t make your eyes bleed.

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