Why Xbox Is Planning To Make Changes To Achievements

Ybarra makes the point that while someone may only have a Gamerscore of 2,000, they might also be one of the best Call of Duty, Street Fighter or Overwatch players in the world. Don’t those folks deserve some sort of online recognition, too? A high Gamerscore usually means you’ve either got enough time on your hands to play a lot of games, or you’re one of those folks who flies through games in order to grab as many Achievements as possible without taking a moment to actually experience what you’re playing. Not that there’s anything wrong with either of those scenarios, but what exactly makes that more of an “Achievement” than someone who dedicated 117 hours in one week to playing Tekken to prepare for an upcoming tournament? They may not have unlocked a single Achievement in all that time, but it looks like Microsoft wants to find a way to recognize their dedication all the same.

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