Why you Should have Medical Checkups Regularly

Medical checkups are very important for every person whether they are well or feeling ill. In English, “being healthy,” and “feeling healthy” literally mean the same thing. In medicine, however, physicians see a significant difference between them. They agree that feeling healthy is okay but when it comes to being healthy, only them can clarify that. The point is: one may feel healthy but deep within their bodies; a disease is busy inflicting harm.

Medical checkups are the only way to feel and be healthy simultaneously. In the United States, physicians reveal that the leading causes of death are a stroke, cancer and heart attack. The ailments, they add, are not as fatal as they appear. Rather, it is because people only realize they have them when they are at their final stages. In short, cancer or stroke might be developing inside your body yet you claim to feel healthy.

Shockingly, especially to those people that never go for medical checkups, life-threatening ailments might reside within you but not show any symptoms. Diabetes is a common case. Doctors state that during checkups, some patients’ sugar in the urine is abnormally high yet they experience no diabetic symptoms. This means they live with undiagnosed diabetes. The danger in such is having higher chances of developing heart attacks or stroke. Hypertension is also a silent killer that shows no early symptoms.

So, what purpose do checkups play in preventing such?

When you visit a doctor, the chances are that “silent” diseases can be discovered early in advance. As cancer specialists report, cancer that is discovered early is curable. Conversely, if treatment begins after symptoms begin to show, the chances are 50-50.

Apart from diagnosing existing (hidden) diseases, medical checkups allow doctors to interpret one’s family history in the medical context. As such, if there is an ailment that shows in the lineage, doctors advise on preventive or management measures. This is better than waiting for disease onset and then treating it.

One thorough checkup per year is sufficient for healthy people. People with existing conditions should have more checkups as per the physician’s directions. For instance, patients with high blood pressure require at least two. Persons with allergies may need checkups when seasons change (depending on what causes the allergies).

Evidently, the importance of medical checkups is inevitable.

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