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Windows 10 will recognize your face

Microsoft has stated, that the brand new Windows 10 operating system will give users the ability to sign into a device without using a password. Instead, the Windows 10 system will utilize biometrics, which include facial recognition. Microsoft asserted that, its Windows Hello feature will use biometric authentication as a way to decrease the use of passwords, which can possibly be hacked. In a blog post by Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore, he declared that the Windows 10 system will soon be, “using your face, iris, or fingerprint to unlock your devices.” Apple and Samsung have already enlisted fingerprint sensors on their smartphones, and various types of biometrics are in the development phase for other products and services. Microsoft has started testing for Windows 10 and it is being developed for PC’s and mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones. At this time, an exact date has not been confirmed for its launch.