Women Fashion: How to Dress in Summer

Women are very conscious about their appearance and they want to hack the fashion trends all the time. Women will do all they can in their powers to learn how to dress in summer and in every other occasion. Bikini is somehow the right direction to think in terms of this topic if you are only thinking about the beach. However, did you ever think about those that work during summer or simply walk in New York during the hot season? Well, since that is quite tricky for you, I will teach you on how you should choose your dress in summer.

Use thin layers

Ditch your thick clothes for this hot season and go for light-weight material. This will allow air into your body and sweat to evaporate, leaving you cool. Light clothing also enables the sweat to evaporate fast leaving you comfortable.

Invest in loose tops

I had to include the word “tops” because an overly loose skirt or dress might convert you into men’s visual meal (note that high winds accompany summer). A loose top will allow heat to escape from your body. This will keep uneasy feelings due to excess heat away. The feeling of wind passing through your body is also a heavenly one.

Use strapless bras

Light clothing is likely to trace out your bra’s shape to the world. Some bras are not meant for public display, meaning you might end up embarrassed or uncomfortable. To solve this: wear a strapless bra or use bras with invisible (hidden) straps and/or hems.

Dress in bright-colored clothes

Bright colored clothes is how to dress in summer. In this case, bright refers to colors that reflect rather than attract heat and light. Dark colors include gray and black or any color that appears dull. White, blue, red, pink and cream are examples of bright colors. Jungle-green, maroon and navy blue are some of the dark colors to avoid. Dark colors attract and retain heat making you sweat and feel uncomfortable.

Use a fresh, long-lasting deodorant

fragranceDeodorants are best suited for summer because they control sweating and also keep you feeling fresh despite the scorching sun. Invest in one that will work and smell fresh throughout the day.

I hope this post provides you with some tips on how to dress in summer and ensure you enjoy your summer more. Dressing in summer does not mean sacrificing your style and preferences but adjusting them to retain your comfort and hype. Please share with us that extra summer dressing tips that works for you.

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