You Absolutely Need These CrossFit Moves in Your Exercise Routine

CrossFit is booming these days, but you don’t have to have to be a constant presence at the box to reap the fitness benefits. Walking lunges, deadlifts, and other favorite moves can be used in any workout routine — not just CrossFit. These 10 exercises force you to combine strength work, cardio, and endurance. We guarantee you’ll get a good workout.

1. Box jumps

Fit young woman box jumping at a gym

Fit young woman box jumping at a gym Box jumps work your entire body. | Photography

Muscle & Fitness says it best: Box jumps aren’t just for the CrossFit crowd. “The biggest benefit of the box jump is that it improves the reaction of the fast-twitch muscle fibers throughout the body,” the article explains. “This exercise requires your leg and core muscles to contract very quickly so you can generate maximum force with each leap.” Basically, this is a great addition to any lower body workout regimen.

The story recommends using a plyometric box, which stands 12 to 36 inches tall. To achieve the jump, start with feet planted about should-width apart, and go down into a demi-squat to prepare your leg muscles for the jump. Swing your arms to help propel our body up onto the box.

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