You Might Be a Hypochondriac If You Show These Signs

Everyone has a friend who values their health more than just about anything else — or maybe you are that friend. In most cases, these individuals hit the gym often, eat nutritious foods, and talk about listening to their bodies. But for a hypochondriac, they listen a little too hard, panicking every minor ache could be the start of some horrendous disease. Every individual with this disorder is a bit different, but there are usually ways to tell someone is taking their health worries too far.

If you think you or someone you know might be a hypochondriac, keep an eye out for these signs.

1. Constantly scheduling doctor’s appointments and medical tests

doctor talking to a male patient in an exam room

doctor talking to a male patient in an exam room There’s probably no need to constantly check in with your doctor. |

Some people are natural worriers, but it turns to hypochondria when they start to plan their entire lives around appointments at the doctor’s office. Their belief that something is truly wrong often spurs them to return, even when their physician insists nothing is wrong. According to Psychology Today, it’s also incredibly common for these individuals to visit multiple doctors to get second, third, or more opinions. The idea is the first doctor clearly missed something, so the only way to track down the malady is to seek out a fresh set of eyes.

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