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You Never Knew Your Body Does These Things While You’re Asleep

On your busiest, most stressful days, you probably look forward to crawling right back into your bed by noon. There’s just nothing that feels quite as restorative as getting a good night’s rest. You awake refreshed, energized, and ready to take on all the tasks that seemed so impossible just yesterday.

You might even have a general idea of what happens during your nightly slumber — you’re aware some dreaming is involved and you’re semi-conscious for part of the time. But do you really know what’s going down inside your body? Here are a few things that happen while sleeping you aren’t even aware of.

1. You lose weight

Doubtful Woman Adjusting Weight Scale

Doubtful Woman Adjusting Weight Scale Don’t get too excited about a low number on the scale in the morning. | iStock.com/tetmc

You know by now jumping on the scale first thing in the morning is the way to go — it’s when you typically weigh the least, after all. But you shouldn’t get too excited. The weight loss associated with sleep is mostly just water, says azcentral.com. With each breath you take while you’re asleep, you emit water vapor that can contribute to a lower weight. And Derek Muller, a physics teacher, told NPR you lose a lot of carbon dioxide when you sleep, thus resulting in up to a pound of weight loss. You probably wish that morning scale number would stay where it is, but unfortunately, it creeps back up during the day.

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