You Should Never Do These Rude Things at a Wedding

With wedding season upon us, there’s no better time to brush up on those ever-important rules of attending your loved ones’ nuptials. When it comes to proper wedding etiquette, there’s no doubt there’s a right and wrong way to behave. Your behavior in front of friends and family at such an event speaks volumes, which is why it’s important to know your role. Here are 15 rude things you should never do at a wedding.

1. Arrive late or leave too early

just married car

just married car Most couples have a schedule they’d like to stick to for their wedding. | Facebook/Modern Day Floral

When guests arrive late to a wedding, whether it be the ceremony at a church or the reception at a park, it screams irreverence. You didn’t put in enough effort to leave with plenty of time to arrive. Barring any serious accidents, walking in during the middle of the vows, or once the food is already being served, is just plain rude.

Furthermore, on the note of leaving too early, Business Insider says, “Saying goodbye to a couple in the middle of a wedding could make them think that you had a miserable time and can’t stand to be there another second. Instead, skip the goodbye and reach out later to explain and relay your congratulations.”

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