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You Should Never, Ever Take These Supplements

The use of supplements isn’t something out of the ordinary. Similar to brushing your teeth and having breakfast each morning, taking them is common routine for some people. The problem is not all supplements are as effective as they claim to be. When it comes to taking new supplements, it’s always important to speak with your doctor about the safety and effectiveness prior to use. And no matter what you do, you should always avoid these 10 mentioned below, which can cause extremely severe health problems.

1. Ephedra

Glass prescription bottle with pills

Glass prescription bottle with pills This herb isn’t one we recommend. | iStock.com/Jeng_Niamwhan

Ephedra is an herb that was originally used in traditional Chinese medicine to ease allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and cold and flu symptoms, per Verywell. But it also became very popular in the diet industry in the ’80s as both a dietary and sports enhancement supplement. Benefits of the pill include possible weight loss, suppression of appetite, and increase in strength and endurance, so it’s no wonder it gained a huge following. However, in 2004, the FDA banned the supplement because of possible health concerns.

While it’s no longer available in the U.S., it’s still available in a few other countries and should never be taken.

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