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You Should Never Keep These Secrets in a Relationship

Are you hiding a big secret from your partner? If so, it’s probably burning a hole through your soul and causing extreme guilt and anxiety. You may be holding on to your secret because you’re afraid your partner will break up with you or you’re concerned about hurting your love’s feelings. However, your attempts to strengthen your relationship and keep the peace will likely backfire if your secret is discovered before you have a chance to discuss it.

Researchers in a study about secrets in romantic relationships found roughly 60% of respondents admitted to keeping some kind of secret from their partner and about a fourth were keeping a secret during the time of the study. Why do we keep secrets? The researchers found some of the top reasons for keeping relationship secrets are to avoid damaging the relationship, disapproval, or shame. Even if you have good intentions, your secret will likely come to light. You’re better off unloading this burden and sharing with your partner. Here are some secrets you should never keep from your significant other.

1. You’re in financial trouble

man hiding secrets

man hiding secrets If you’re having money problems, it’s best to tell your partner. | iStock.com

Sure, debt is a part of life, but if you are at a point where most of your credit cards are at or near the limit and you are in so much debt you’re considering bankruptcy, it would be in your best interest to disclose this. This is especially important if you are engaged or talking about getting married. If you decide to purchase a home together, your financial secret will eventually be uncovered. Most couples in a recent survey said financial infidelity is a deal breaker. Roughly 70% of married respondents would think about breaking up over a secret debt.

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