Your Fitness Journey: Keeping Arthritis Away

As a youngster, you are likely to shun this text after seeing the term, “keeping arthritis away.” It is understandable that it mostly affects the elderly, or you might think that just because you exercise regularly, you are out of its path. Wrong! Just like type 2 diabetes, arthritis is now encroaching on younger persons. Arthritis is of different kinds and in this post; we discuss inflammation of the joints due to wear and tear (osteoarthritis).

First, regularly check your weight regardless of whether you exercise or not. Excess body weight presses down on your bones, and this might lead to excess stress on the joints. In the end, osteoarthritis develops.

Second, avoid constant injury to the joints. Repetitive injury becomes a source of pain and that might indicate damage to the joints. If you have persistent pain in your joint(s) consult a physician immediately to be safe.

Third, always give your joint injuries time to recover before you resume normal exercise or any activities that exert some pressure on the joints. Also, give your joints time to rest in-between exercises. The excess activity might encourage faster wear and tear of the joints.

Fourth, always stretch before exercising. Fitness experts always insist on stretching because it prepares the muscles and joints for exercise. When this is not done, the joints wear out quickly because they did not have enough time to adjust to a range of motion and flexibility. In short, stretching is effective in keeping arthritis away.stretching

Fifth, nutritionists suggest that starting your day with a smoothie is a good boost to bone health. Again, make smoothies from fruits that contain higher quantities of vitamin C. The vitamin is known to control loss of cartilage. It also helps knee osteoarthritis patients to recover faster.

Finally, consume food that has good fat content. Fat contains carotenoids, phytosterols and monounsaturated fats. Collectively, these fats reduce inflammation caused by arthritis. For the nutrients, consume fish that has omega -3 fatty acids such as Salmon. Avocado is also rich in the required fats.

Hopefully, this post will inspire young people to take up measures of keeping arthritis away. As the old saying goes, prevention will always be better than curing. If you feel that any points on preventing the disorder are missing in this post, include them in the comments sections below.

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