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Your Guide to the Heroes of Marvel’s Netflix Shows

The stories of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe have been well documented. We’ve been seeing Iron Man fly around since 2008, while Thor and Captain America got their first films three years later, in 2011. Then along came the The Avengers, and we had our first protracted look at the whole team operating as a single unit. Meanwhile, Marvel launched a secondary level of characters on Netflix, showing us heroes that we likely never would have seen in theaters.

So why choose these particular heroes? The reasoning seems simple enough, they lend the MCU some much-needed depth outside of the company’s yearly film releases. While we wait around for the next Marvel movie, it helps to have a 13-episode single-season run appear on Netflix in a single weekend. The shows keep fans satiated but not overwhelmed, while still creating an environment in which people are always talking about Marvel.

1. Daredevil

Daredevil in his full suit, standing on a rooftop and looking down

Daredevil in his full suit, standing on a rooftop and looking down Daredevil | Netflix

There’s been a lot of talk about Daredevil, so we’ll try not to beat a dead horse here. That said, the first season did a spectacular job of bringing Marvel’s world of superheroes down to an all-too-human level (albeit with a disappointing follow-up effort).

In the series, we see Matt Murdock, a lawyer who was blinded as a child but given superhuman senses. Fight scenes draw out because it takes a lot of punches to render a man unconscious (despite what action movies have told us). Actor Charlie Cox brings a gravitas to the role that has him dominating every room he walks into, even in his weakest, most vulnerable moments.

The comic book hero himself has a long history within the Marvel Universe, dating back to 1964. He later became “The Man Without Fear,” popularized largely by Frank Miller’s portrayal. He’s always been an intriguing character, if not simply for being a differently-abled superhero functioning as a cold-hearted ninja.

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